My name is Jens Vogel and you are welcome to my short and straight private homepage. Check out What I do, Who I am, What's my work or Say hello if you like.

What I Do

Mostly, I work as a product manager and sometimes a software developer at a small software manufacture, called Fossa AG. There I'm also the "boss of it all" ('cause I'm the oldest ;-) ). Thus we work agile and act as an SCRUM-Team I sometimes fill the role of the ScrumMaster or Product Owner.


Who I Am

Born in March 1967 in East-Germany I lived half of my life in the GDR and the other half in the FRG. Although it took some time to adopt the new life, it's much better now, by any meaning.

Father of three wonderful childs I'm really proud of them and I'm quite sure they'll go on in life. Still not married I live with my "wife", 1,5 kids and kitten Kleopatra in Chemnitz, Saxony.

If enough time I like to drive my 26 years old caravan bus Consuela (VW T3) or ride my pony Juni.


My Work

Well, that's some of my photo work. The pictures are hosted at the incredible Unsplash and free to use for any purpose.

Say Hello.

If you like to get in touch with me please drop a line.